Saturday, January 22, 2011


I let Rachel and Katie take some pictures with the camera, they did a good job! Sarah and Katie (by Rachel)

Sarah ( by Katie)

Yes, this is our little boy in a pink nightgown. It's hard not think pink is the greatest color when you have four sisters. He wouldn't go to bed without it, so now he will have to live with embarrassing pictures the rest of his life! So cute.

Our community had it's annual birthday celebration. Each grade participates in the program. So, we all came to watch Rachel and Katie perform. Sarah and Nathan were very excited to have their Dad to watch with.

This is one of the many pictures Sarah has ask me to take of her and Rebekah. She loves her to pieces!

Rachel - 8 years old

Rachel turned 8 years old. We were going to have a friends from school come over for a party, but she really wanted to go see all her cousins up north. So, the weekend before her birthday, we went and had a party and helped Aunt Carla move into her new mansion. Here are all the cousins with ice cream, cake, and smiles. We were so happy to see everyone!

Rachel drew a picture of what she wanted on her cake, and it turned out better than I thought it would. So, there is the picture, the cake, and the happy 8 year old! We love you Rachel!

Michael and Bonnie

Michael and Bonnie's family came up to see us...and our new baby. We love it when they come. They are always so fun to talk to, and our children are so excited to have cousins to play with.
Michael, Bonnie, and Rebekah

Nora and Katie

Clark, David, and Nathan

Sarah and Lily

Thanks for coming!