Monday, January 26, 2009

New Looks

Well, I got really tired of my blog, and couldn't figure out where everyone was getting such cute backgrounds for their blogs, but thanks to my all-knowing-sister-in-law Jenn, she helped me tweak my blog. I like the change.

The girls have their own look lately. I made them some skirts for Christmas, and they wear them everyday. The shirts they choose to wear with the skirts may clash...but over here, they are the most beautiful girls in the world. If they're aren't forced to wear school clothes...or church clothes, they are wearing the skirts.

The last couple months of pregnancy can be pretty frustrating, and this is how I keep busy. Along with the skirts, I made these red Christmas dresses. I had enough leftover fabric to make Sarah a skirt...that she hates and refuses to wear.

Then, our latest project was inspired by my sister Melanie. We had some leftover blue and green fabric from my cousin Cami's wedding. Melanie made her little girl Brooke a blue dress, and I thought it looked cute, so Mom and I made Rachel and Katie the same blue dress. Then we had enough of the green fabric to make Sarah a little dress. Well, we didn't stop there, and Joseph and Jenn's little girl Emmy got a green dress also. That way all the little girl cousins have this same dress. Tune in later for the photo shoot.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Play Time

With the holidays and so much time together, our girls have had a lot of time to play together. So, here are some fun things they've said and done.

Rachel and Katie playing with dolls:
Rachel says, "Your big humongous baby is going to eat my Dad!"
Katie goes over to the baby, picks it up, and very seriously says, "Baby, we don't eat Dads."

Katie is telling David a story:
"So there is this bad nice man, and he is taking care of the kids..." (maybe you had to be there for this one, but that was the opening line, and the rest was as random).

Sarah loves popcorn, and we've had it a lot lately. Tonight, she said, "Popcorn, Mommy". I said no. The next thing we know, Sarah brings out the kernel popcorn (in a glass container that is as big as her). And then one minute later, she comes in carrying the popper...that is also as big as her.

Rachel says, "We have four beautifuls and one handsome. When the baby comes, he will be handsome like Daddy." Very sweet.

We always ask the girls what they want to name the baby...because we have no idea what to name are our recent suggestions.
Katie: "We'll name the baby Joseph, then call him "JoJo!"
Rachel: "Lets just call him "Baby boy."
Then they get crazy, and insist that Clifford and Cleo would be good names. George has been brought up. Every boy child in Rachel's kindergarten class has been mentioned. Katie starts saying she really likes the girl names better; Genevieve, Lacey, Esmeralda....and so on. We've stopped asking for their advice...but they give it anyway!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rachel's Birthday!

Rachel turned six today! We had her party yesterday. Uncle Joseph and Aunt Jenn came with their family. Grandma Nana and Aunt Carla also came. Grandma and Grandpa Zollinger, of course, were here for the party. Rachel was really excited about her cake and about her new doll house.

Rachel is so sweet. She is growing up so fast and has hit so many firsts this past year. She started school, lost her first teeth, made new friends at church and school, and has began to fill the role in our family as the oldest. She is a huge help to me around the house and with her sisters. We love her tons! Happy Birthday Rachel!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

If you're a cat lover....don't read this.

My dad loves mom despises cats. This year, though, the cats have taken over. Once, David and I counted 13 cats. The farm does have its uses for cats, but it is extreme this year.

One reason Mom hates cats, is because they climb on the window sill and sharpen their claws on her window screens. Dad also saw this as a problem because his beloved wife was so unhappy about it. The pictures you see are how Dad took care of the problem. Mom was overwhelmed with love for her husband when she saw the nails.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Talent Show

Our most successful Family Home Evenings are when the girls get to where a hat. The Friend this month had a crown guide, so we made crowns for everyone and then it also suggested a talent night. We had a lot of fun. Sarah sang, Rachel sang, Katie did a song and dance, I told a story, and David did the Roger Rabbit. We decided to make it a part of our regular FHE night and have someone assigned to share a talent!