Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cute Kids

Everyone needed new pictures taken. Here are a few of our cute children.
Rebekah in her blessing dress. I love those cheeks!

She is 2 months old in these shots.

Rachel's eight year old pictures.

I love this shot of Rachel, she likes the one above better. She looks beautiful in both.

Nathan for his two year pictures.

I love this little man!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nathan's Birthday

Nathan turned two this week! We had a fun birthday party for him. Our girls were more excited about the party, and he had no idea what was happening. We got him a tool set and a lawn mower kit. They were both a hit...with everyone!

Katie came home with a book about a little boy whose mom made him a dinosaur birthday cake. Anyway, it showed us how to make it, and Katie and I thought it would work good with Nathan's birthday. Again, he didn't really care, but Sarah is convinced I need to make her a dinosaur birthday cake. I thought we were going to get away from the pink cakes with our little boy, but the girls had me do pink polka dots on the dinosaur. Nathan loved it.