Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Home Evening

Family Home Evening is our biggest event of the week. Our children love this time. They know we will be all together, no matter what. David and I make it a priority not to schedule anything on Monday all. On my Monday "To Do" list, the only thing besides the usual dinner fixing and straightening the house is FHE. This is our new FHE chart. There are so many cute FHE assignment charts that are wood painted and have everyone's name on them, but until I know EXACTLY how many will be in our family, we will make our own. The kids have been after me to make a new one since Rebekah entered our family, and I have to admit...this one was awesome. We got the old Friend magazines out and I let the kids cut out anything they thought we might want on our chart. This is the result.
Everyone has an assignment in our family. Each week, these are the assignments: Conduct, Talent, Lesson, Treat, Scripture, Music, and Activity. The Scripture is a new one, and the kids are excited to have it. Of course, everyone usually gets a little help from mom or dad, but they love being part of our special night.

Bunny Buns. Rachel is reading the Friend magazine, and she insisted we try these for our treat. It was a huge hit. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I have a testimony of this gospel, and I love the commandment of Family Home Evening. It is bringing our family close, building the most valuable memories, and bringing the happiness to our family life that comes from the teachings of Jesus Christ.