Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Because of peer pressure, I have decided to post something else this year.
Sarah is so sweet. David took some pictures of her, he thought she looked good with the blind lines.

Dude! You are so cute!

We had so much fun with my family when they came down for conference weekend. I know I was more excited than the girls, and the girls were pretty darn excited.

Carla is a party wherever she goes. Portable fun, is what her middle name should've been, but we won't go into those of us who always wanted middle names, and never got them. You feel my pain Carla, you're the only one...

My mom said she was bringing my birthday present and she had sworn all my siblings to secrecy. Well, she had cut up all my old shirts, musicals, clogging, white water guiding, bungee jumping, sky diving, tennis from high school, Institute council, elementary school council (be very impressed), AP history test, softball teams, Key club, singing group CD's, madrigals, college shirts, and other random shirts I had collected and didn't know what to do with. Mom made a quilt. She is amazing, and it is an awesome quilt. Thanks Mom!

It was so fun to have Carla, Dad and Mom to share the weekend. I probably talked their ears off, but I don't care. They were nice enough to listen, and I think I let them talk every once in a while, which was generous of me. Our family loved seeing them. When they were gone, David and I talked about how much we have missed being with them. We love you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Chop Chop Timber!

Okay, blogger is not letting my put anything in the order I want, so you might have to read the entire thing to figure out what this blog is about. This is our yard after the men had started the chopping. It has taken truck load after truck load to the dump to get things cleaned up.
This is the back tree getting cut. David is a bit afraid of heights, so he ask to be in the cab the next time they came down.This is the before picture of the back tree. David took too good of a picture, it actually doesn't look so bad, but it is a terrible tree. And it came down.

This is also a really pretty picture of the other tree we cut down, but believe me, these trees are trash trees, they are ruining the roof, gutters, and lawn. It also came down.

This is after we got the huge tree down. Our neighbors have been great. We have had so much wonderful help to get everything down. Thank you!

David wanted me to get a picture of how high they were. And they were a hundred feet up with chainsaws. No wonder David was white as a sheet on his way down.

This is David, much more happy and content in the cab, lifting people to great heights...instead of being lifted!
Our yard is a huge dilemma right now. There is so much that needs to be done, but where to start is a mystery.
We cut down two huge trees that are trash trees. We needed to cut down the trees, so we can get grass to grow under them. The trees drop sticks like crazy...I've heard them called Chinese or Siberian Elms...I have no idea what either one looks like, but we've chopped them anyway.

Neighbors have come up to David saying, "You got something against shade?" Well, David and I have a vision of what our yard will look like, and grass is part of that, other trees are part of that, but those trees were not.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Rachel, Katie and Sarah have been excited to have their cousins over for a sleep over. We had a lot of fun, and although Lily ended up with a swollen eye, we hope Nora and Lily are brave enough to come again. Thanks girls!
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