Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 Sarah is the only one who wanted to sign up for soccer this year.  She has done really good.  The other girls love to play, but Sarah seems to have some skills. 
 I love watching the kids play sports.  Sarah is fun to watch because she is a good player and scores.  Somehow, that just makes it more fun.
 Labor Day weekend, our family got to go to the Brigham City Temple open house.  My parents have been called to work in the Temple, and it is a special place to our family.  So, David and I felt a need to take the kids and go through before it was dedicated.  It is beautiful.
 The grounds are smaller than most temple grounds, but still beautiful.  Our children were fun to take, and were excited about entering the temple...and the cookies afterward:)
That weekend, we also had my nephew, Ryan get baptized and niece, Quincy Beth, get blessed.  We celebrated my Mom's 60th birthday and so the whole family was together for these occasions.  Here are all the grandchildren with Grandpa and Grandma.  Zoom in and take a look at our two newborns.  Joseph and Jenn's, Quincy Beth.  Dave and Mel's "Benson" (he is 1 week old in the picture).  That makes a total of 16 grandkids in the picture, fun!