Friday, May 18, 2012

Hidden Haven

 Hidden Haven might become a tradition for our family.  I love this hike, which is just up the canyon.  It is so easy for our kids and they have so much fun.  We did it for FHE last year, and the kids have been begging to up again now that the snow is gone.  Our friend, Kelley, came with us, and we had so much fun.  We love that girl. 
 Katie, Rachel, and Sarah, led the pack the whole way up and back.  They got pretty far ahead, and then I found them up the mountain, ready for a picture.
 Bekah was amazed with everything, but especially the water.  She was pretty wet by the time we got home, but she loved it and was happy.

 Nathan was also fun to watch.  He explored and also got a bit wet.  David was good to keep up with him the whole time.
One of the best things about a family is being part of something great.  I feel that often when I am with my family.  I am not saying that parenting is easy or fantastic every second.  But, I do feel like I am part of something that is special and great.  That the time I spend with my children talking or hiking is important.  I love that the gospel centers on family.  That it makes no apologies that the family is central to our Creator's plan.  I am so grateful and blessed to be part of this family, they each make me so much better than I would be without them.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yep, I made those.

In March, I let my three girls go to JoAnns and pick a dress pattern and a piece of fabric they liked.  My goal was to just have more practice sewing and to get better, and it was better if I made something they liked.  Sarah picked a skirt, and it didn't turn out exactly right, but I really learned a lot.  Well, the last two months, things got a bit crazy and I didn't get to Rachel and Katie's. 

Then I realized school was almost over and the reason they had picked these dresses were for their dress up days.  So, on Monday, I got started on Katie's jacket.  It took me until Tuesday afternoon to get hers all done.  I told Rachel I didn't know if I could get hers done in time for dress up day, which is on Wednesdays.  So, that night, Rachel prayed I'd be able to get the dress done.  It inspired me to at least try. 

I had to wake her up that night, so she could try it on and I could get the length right.  Hers also has a zipper, which I put in myself.  And if the fact that I put in a zipper doesn't impress you, then you try putting in one.  I finished it at 10:30 pm Tuesday night.  They were both so excited the next morning, and they looked and FELT pretty.  I felt very satisfied myself.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This little guy might be the reason I want more boys.  He is really cute.  I did have to bribe him a bit to put on a suit and tie on a Tuesday, but he was a pretty good sport.  I needed a three year picture, and the lilacs were blooming and the sky was overcast.  Perfect.  Although the above picture, is our picture perfect little boy, this one below is more accurate when it comes to personality.  He is full of fun, and I love every bit of him.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

David's Graduation

David graduated with his Master's this last weekend.  It was fun to see him all decked out in his graduation hood.  David's mom and our family were there to witness the event.  He has worked hard, and we're all proud of him.