Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! This year, Rachel was a cowgirl, Katie was an angel, Sarah was Tigger, and Nathan was the monkey...again, it was the only thing he would wear, and he made us take it off pretty quickly.
I just thought the backdrop of our beautiful grass for this picture was perfect. The girls look pretty cute too!

I went to Tremonton to be with Grandpa and Grandma Z and all the cousins had a Halloween party. We had a ton of fun.

Sarah was also a ballerina, we convinced her to do the Tigger costume when we went to the trunk or treat because I didn't want her to freeze her cute face off. She made a very sweet ballerina.

This was the number one thing we got from our trick or treating. The girls loved the glasses and Nathan tolerated the glasses to get a great pictures. All in all, it was a Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Life has been busy. I know everyone is busy, but I'm realizing that MY life is getting more and more stretched. Blogging is working its way down my priority list, but I hope to still keep up on it. Here are a few things that have been happening.
Katie turned six years old. She is such a sweet heart. Here is Aunt Carla with her and the new gloves Carla got her for her birthday. She loves them.

Grass. There is a huge story that goes behind that one word, but the grass is poking up, our poor children just sit in the car port rubbing their little fingers over the young grass. We pray every day that it keeps growing. We would love to mow it once before winter hits!

Rachel started 2nd grade and piano lessons. She is doing great in both. I am glad we didn't start her earlier in piano, this is just right for her. She is able to complete the theory on her own and is old enough skill wise to not get discouraged. She realizes practicing does help, and is thrilled with her piano teacher.

These are my two cuties left at home. We have snacks and when Nathan goes down for a nap, I get my Sarah all to myself. We have our own little school time, which I've been surprised how much she enjoys it. As soon as Nathan is down, she is asking to do her letters, play our memory games, put together puzzles, match numbers, and all the other things that we do. She knows her upper and lowercase letters now, and is working on sounds. Smart little gal!

Here is our kindergartner! Katie has been sooooooo ready for school. The first week was hard, because she wasn't there the WHOLE day, and the teacher was not sending any homework for her to do. But now she is better that she gets a little homework, a "book in the bag", and is at least going to school. It made me so happy the other day when Rachel and Katie came back from school and said how they were so excited that their recesses were at the same time that day, and they were able to play together.
I love hearing them say things like that!