Friday, September 30, 2011

"Berry" Delicious

We have been so excited to pick raspberries from our patch, and we saved for a week and a half to have enough to make raspberry jam. These cuties have helped pick (and eat) all the berries. Once we got done with the jam, it was unanimous, raspberries are awesome!
We have several different kinds of berries in our patch. The yellow or Anne berries are actually one of my favorite. They grow huge, are very sweet, and are earlier that the red. The red ones are always delicious, but it was fun to grow the yellow as well.

Seven Years OId

Katie turned seven this month! She wanted a guitar, so we gave that to her. But this was the face for the double dutch jump ropes she got. All the girls were excited about them.
This turned out way different that I had envisioned. I would have thrown it away if Katie hadn't of liked it. It is mostly frosting and fondant...and a little bit of cake. Maybe that's what Katie liked about it:)Katie is so sweet. She is continually thoughtful of her sisters and brother. She is so excited to do everything, and it seems whatever she starts, she continues until she has it nailed. I love her diligence and excitement for life. She is such a blessing in our home. We love her! Happy Birthday!

Hidden Haven

I heard of a family friendly, short hike up the canyon called Hidden Haven. It was perfect. It took about 1/2 hour to get there. I could use the stroller for Rebekah most of the way, and the kids had a blast. The waterfall was small at the end, but we were all in awe at how beautiful everything was.
This was not the end waterfall, but it was beautiful anyway.Rebekah and I bonded as we strolled along the trail
The kids said they wanted to do this every week, the loved it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Lately I feel like we find a new creature each week. This one is not my favorite. I like our lizard much better. Growing up in Utah, where it is rattlesnake country, you don't pick up snakes. David grew up in Michigan, and he is not afraid to pick them up. We think this was a water snake, but it wrapped itself around David arm and was tightening its muscles like a boa. The kids were all fascinated...I hope my lectures on "some snakes are all right, but some are really dangerous" sunk in.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Playhouse

David and I have been working on this playhouse for most of the summer. He framed it and put up the walls. We had the girls pick the color of the outside, and I have to admit I was worried about the greenish blue color they chose, but it turned out cute. So, we painted, then David and I put up the white trim. David used an old door, cut it, and put it in the house. My dad and I made some flower boxes during Labor Day weekend. Then yesterday, I painted the front door. For amateurs, its not half bad! Sarah keeps telling me that I am "fantastic". Its small, but they love it!

Katie's First Lost Tooth

We finally got one out! Katie has been gently wiggling this tooth, and complaining about it hurting. Well, it hurt because her permanent teeth are actually behind the four bottom front baby teeth. So they are all wiggling.
Katie was scared, but she braved it. I had to take the pliers and pull it. And here are the fruits of our labors!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sarah loves soccer. She has the energy non-stop at home, and it pays off in soccer. She made a goal her first game, and has loved the little friends she has made on her team.She is a very cute poser.
We had Grandpa and Grandma Z over for Labor Day weekend. Grandpa impressed all of us by standing on his head. I really don't think I could even stand on my head that long, it was very impressive. Its always fun when Grandpa comes!
Grandma Cox also came for the visit, and the kids made her a crown, a heart, and a scepter. Grandma was the greatest sport to wear it most of the visit. We love you Grandma!
We celebrated Grandma Z's birthday. We made her a yogurt pie, and the girls made her some place mats. She was very gracious, and we love it when she comes to visit. I don't know what I would do without her, she is amazing.
Carla also came for the visit. Honestly, everyone needs a sister like Carla. She is the sister you call for fun, to cry to, and to talk. I love her, and that doesn't even say half of it.
Sarah can make some pretty great faces....and this is one of my favorites.
David and the girls, we'll be glad when he gets his Masters done next month. We will sit on him all the day long, unless he decides to do his PhD. Ugg.
Our new pet lizard, Louie. He is stuck in our window well, and we love him. He takes care of himself, and we can look at him whenever we need a friendly face;)