Monday, September 22, 2008

Katie's Birthday Party!

Katie had a great birthday party. The only thing she ask for was a princess birthday cake, and I can't complain with how the cake turned out. I had a picture, and a Barby doll, and a skirt looking cake pan. I decorated it myself, so I was excited Katie could actually tell it was Sleeping Beauty.

The cousins made crowns, and played a couple of games, but it was just relaxed and Katie was happy...and that's what counts. She wanted to be Snow White, and I tried to get Rachel to get in a princess dress, but she wanted to be Little Red Ridding Hood. Sarah, was Sarah, and looked cute. Brooke forgot a dress, so we decked her out in the Sleeping Beauty dress, and Wyatt was a prince, from a nearby kingdom.

She is excited to be four years old, but she told me that now she wants to be five years might be a long year for us!

Heber Valley Camp Reunion

We had a great family reunion up at the Heber Valley Camp. It was freezing cold, but that was the only thing I have to complain about, that I almost froze my toes off...but I'm not complaining that it was so cold we could even talk for shivering...but all in all it was great...if you forget that there was frost on the ground each morning, but aside from that, it was cool.

We missed Stephanie a lot...serving a mission while we're all frozen in our beds. Mom gave her a run by run of all our events. We had great food...Mom is always great about the food. And I have to admit that when Garrett finally got there, things warmed up a bit. We played games in one of the cabins until late, while the kids slept, and I learned that Joseph has a colorful array of music on his cell phone that Mel couldn't stop singing..."Guy, guy, guy, guy...".

David didn't get up for the first day of camping, because of work, and I don't think I'll be going camping with the girls unless he is with me. I'll be blunt, I was a crank without him. The girls need him, and I need him. He is the best father and husband in the world...and I'm not just saying that...its true.

We got to go on a zip line (everyone who wasn't about life being unfair), then the other challenge course activities were a lot of fun. Campfire activities ended up in one of the cabins because it was sooooooo there was singing and games and devotionals with the family. Afterward we went to the most wonderful indoor pool I have ever been to. The girls loved it, and we loved it. I love being with my family...they're so great...I look forward to this time each year, and even more next year because the reunion will be in August!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Idaho Falls Temple Open House

August was crazy. We went to the Idaho Falls Open House at the end of July, and I haven't had time to put it on yet.
The temple was beautiful. The girls thought it was so exciting that they could go inside the temple. My sister lives in Burley, so we spent the night and went to the open house early the next morning in Idaho Falls. The girls thought the rooms were so beautiful. The only problem was when Sarah saw the baptismal font, she made a bee line for the entrance...but we quickly moved on and narrowly escaped a scene.

The other pictures are the sights in Idaho Falls. There was a beautiful bridge to go across and it had an overlook. It was really beautiful, and it was a great time for our family.