Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family Pictures

My sister Melanie took some family pictures of us. I thought she did a great job. Enjoy!


This was the blog I was all geared up to write about for Katie. But, to my frustration, tis not Katie I will write about. Nathan lost the tooth.

We had a great vacation this last week at Bear Lake and two minutes before we left my parent's house for our home, Nathan comes in with a fat lip and blood everywhere. It wasn't until our next stop at David's mom's house that I noticed the tooth was bent inward a little. That was Saturday, and we didn't make it home until 10:00 pm. Sunday, David and I tried to straighten it out, but it kept going back in his mouth. Monday, our dentist in town took a look and recommended a Pediatric Dentist in Cedar. We get there, and the tooth would have been fine, but there was infection above the tooth that would have hurt his permanent tooth, so out it came.

Nathan was a trooper. They didn't fully sedate him, but they put a little happy gas on his nose, and had a show going to distract him. Then, out came the pliers, and there goes his tooth for the next fourish years.

I foresee pirates and hobos as the next Halloween costumes. That part on Toy Story 2 where Woody knocks out his own tooth and says, "And still a good looking guy," has been going through my head. Although, it is not the perfect smile for our little boy, it does put a little more character in our ever-growing character. His little tongue is in the missing hole usually, but I got him to smile big for the camera.

Friday, July 15, 2011

There's only one Lagoon!

No one celebrates their birthday like my sister Carla. She NEVER works on her birthday. Her boss knows to not even ask, and that she might take a few days before and after for the celebration of her birth. This year, instead of us giving her gifts, she ask us all to purchase a Lagoon ticket and join her for a day of fun.

Growing up, my Dad worked (and still works) as a middle school councilor, and for a few years, he received discount tickets to Lagoon. We would spend the day riding rides and talking in the lines and having a great time.

We haven't done that for about 15 years. We have been to Lagoon with the children, but it isn't the same...and I am routinely pregnant, so I miss quite a few summers of great rides.

David took the kids last week, and I met most (we missed you Cynthia!) of my family at Lagoon. I think I ran to each ride, I was so excited to be there. "Wicked" really is wicked. The "Fire Dragon" is still great. My mom had us go on the swings and the boat because they are her favorites, and we got on all the other rides I love. It was a perfect day at Lagoon. It was overcast, the lines weren't long, and I was there with my brothers, sisters, and parents. There is only one Lagoon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Swim Lessons

We had swim lessons at the first of June. Rachel and Katie were in the same class, then Sarah took the class after. They all loved it. Nathan, Rebekah, and I just played in the kid pool to the side and enjoyed the week of swimming too. These are the accomplishments after the lessons.

Rachel - can swim from one side to the other, she can go under water and pick objects from the bottom, and she loves it

Katie - she can swim from one side to the other, float, jump off the diving board and swim to the other side without a life jacket, can pick objects off the bottom, and she loves it

Sarah - will dip her head into the water and blow bubbles, she'll kick her feet and float with help, and she loves it

My hope was that they wouldn't be afraid of water. Katie is the fish, but the other two love it just as much, and I'm sure they will all eventually be able swim. I like taking them to the pool, but David doesn't really enjoy swimming (which I learned his brother doesn't like it either, so it must be a genetic quirk), so making the kids independent in the pool is the goal.