Monday, November 7, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Self Reliance

The last couple of months, we have worked hard to bring our food storage back up. Seeing this again, has brought a huge sense of peace to me. During our 10 years of marriage, we have used our food storage several times. Not because of earthquakes or famine, but because of finances. Thankfully, even though David has a full time job now that provides for us, we are not out of the habit of storing up food.
A few weeks ago, we were really concerned that we wouldn't have the produce needed to bring our storage back up. So, we did as the prophets have counseled, increased our fast offering until it hurt. I have a testimony of the Lord opening the windows of heaven and pouring us out more blessings than we had room enough to receive. We had neighbors offering us apples and grapes, our garden started getting tomatoes, peppers and onions, my parents rounded us up a ton of apples and gave us of their garden tomatoes. We felt extremely blessed.
So, here are our totals this year of what we were able to bottle:
116 quarts tomato juice
41 quarts whole tomatoes
7 quarts sweet and sour sauce
55 quarts spaghetti sauce
37 quarts grape juice
10 pints grape jelly
15 pints raspberry jam
208 quarts applesauce
There is a wonderful feeling that comes from putting up food, and knowing your family will not go hungry this year. I have been reading "Daughters in my Kingdom" from the Relief Society, and the satisfaction those women got from being able to provide for themselves and their neighbors is similar to what I feel.
Thanks Mom, for teaching me how to work hard and put up food for a "rainy day". Thanks David, for always encouraging me and helping me get our family taken care of. And I truly thank my Heavenly Father for giving me the desire and ability to be self-reliant.


Halloween was part of crazy hair day at school. My girls do not like to look crazy if they can't be cute. So are my cute crazy haired girls.
Sarah can't get away from fairies. She might be a fairy for Halloween as long as that outfit fits.
Nathan - Tigger, Rachel - bunny, Sarah - Purple fairy, Katie - Pink Fairy, Rebekah - cat. Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays. I just dread getting everyone a costume they like, and wasting money on a costume. Then getting tons of candy that I want to chuck as soon as it comes in the house. But, the kids love it, and they always look so cute.
I love Rebekah. I gave her a new toothbrush to distract her while I got everyone ready for Halloween. It worked a little too well. She wouldn't let go of it the rest of the night.
Rachel wanted to be a bunny. She was cute, and made it a point to hop around the whole night.