Monday, November 12, 2012


 Abigail is two weeks in this picture.  She changes every day.  Actually, this blog will be about how quickly our family is changing.
 Six kids.  This picture was my idea, but Abigail is looking at David holding her on top of her siblings, like he is nuts.  We might be.  Rachel, Katie, Sarah, Nathan, Rebekah, and Abigail.  The last three weeks has been interesting.  My mom has been here helping us, and that has been wonderful.  This is my first day of being solo, and I don't know how I feel about it.  I have always enjoyed being independent, and I have always had a hard time accepting help from others.  So, I am grateful to have a baby 3 weeks old.  I am even more grateful to have a nine year old and eight year old that are so helpful.  Rachel and Katie have grown up a lot lately, and I love how they can take care of themselves, and help me.  Sarah is Sarah.  Always jumping and bouncing around, but very aware of her younger siblings and I have loved how school is already making her grow up.  Nathan, for the first time today, put his arm around Bekah, and she fell asleep on him.  He did want to give her away earlier this month, he said we had too many babies, but he might get better with her soon.  Bekah tells me if Abigail makes a peep.  Newborns are perfect, but I do get excited when I see them growing.  I am probably too fond of change...I like having new things, and doing new things.  Abigail, is a fun new addition.
 Katie and Rachel.  They have grown a lot, but are so silly sometimes.  Rebekah and Abigail and about the same months apart as these two.  They are ask all the time if they are twins.  This was my conversation with Katie yesterday:

Katie:  Mom, people always ask if Rachel and I are twins.

Me:  I think you guys like it.

Katie:  Yeah, we do.  But I think I can tell us apart.

Me:  Oh?  How?

Katie:  Rachel has big teeth, and I have little teeth.

I was going to point out that Katie has no teeth, but I had a good laugh without mentioning that.
Bekah's hair is so different than the other kids.  All of our children are so different, but I like how her hair and complexion make Bekah an obvious difference. 

Six children are going to be a challenge.  I knew that before we had our sixth.  They each have their own differences and similarities.  I hope we are ready for the challenges, but ready or not, her we come.