Friday, July 30, 2010


The TriZathlon increased from 7 participants to 18 this year! We do a sprint triathlon, so it is about half the distance of a normal tri. Run 3 miles, Bike 14 miles, and Swim 500 yds. Being pregnant made my scores fall short this year. Surprisingly, on the swim, I improved. My cousin, Levi, kneeling on the bottom far right, won this year...but he'll be leaving on a mission soon, so he won't be able to hold his victory seat for long!

I don't really enjoy every event, but I love having something to train for all year. I love doing something challenging and working on it with those I am close to. David ran with me this year, so that made it even better! Rachel, Katie, Sarah, and Nathan are there to cheer us on, see us try our best, and finish difficult events. Its been great for our whole family, and next year Rachel and Katie want to participate. I'm hoping it will be something we can work on together each year, and that is more motivating than anything.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Vacation

After Bear Lake, we were able to visit David's mom. The girls were so excited to swim in the pool and show off all their new skills from swimming lessons. We finished the visit with a trip to the temple.

Next we were able to visit Grandpa and Grandma Cox. We love seeing them. We lived right next door to them our first year married, so it is always fun to come and visit, we love them so much!

Grandpa and Grandma Zollinger were our next stop. Sarah could hardly wait to see their house. She remembers so much of last year when we lived with them. Dave and Mel's family were also there, so we were able to get lots of cute cousin pictures!

Nathan and Katie

Cats are Nathan's new love, but it didn't take long for the felines to avoid him.

Sarah and Mathew became quite the pair. Sarah came home saying she needs to go to school with Mathew. She loved having a little buddy to play with.

Mathew, Sarah, Brooke, and Katie

Brooke and Katie

David and I decided to celebrate our anniversary in July...although our real anniversary is in December. Mom and Dad watched the kids for a few days and we were able to do a lot of shopping, a couple of movies (Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon), a game of tennis (David won a set and I won the other set...we decided to leave it as a tie...because I tend to be a bad sport when I loose), and I didn't have to cook meals for the entire time, there are these great things called restaurants that serve you food if you just give them money! I think I remember these before our 8 years of marriage...but I'm not sure...

Back to Grandpa and Grandma's for more family fun. Nathan and Maylee are pretty darn cute.

Rachel, Grandma Z, Brooke, Katie, and Aunt Marianna. Aunt Marianna came to see us, we lived in her basement for four years, and our family just thinks she is great!

Steph gave us all a lot of haircuts, and then french braided everyone's hair...she is way good, and deserved much more than we gave her, which was a big hug and a kiss!

Katie, Grandpa Z, Sarah and Rachel all ready for bed.

My Uncle Ron invited our families to Crystal Springs. We had a ton of fun going down slides and swimming with Grandpa Z, the fish. We had such a great time with Grandpa and Grandma Z!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bear Lake Vacation

The Hislop Lodge fit everyone. It was close to the lake and just perfect for our families. We spent the mornings at the lake, then went the lodge and enjoyed pool, a hot tub, Foosball, a huge movie theater, and of course family! Melanie painted all the girls toe nails. This is Sarah, Emmy and Mathew getting their nails done.

Mathew, Rachel, Sarah and Emmy during our family night.

We put on some limbo music and had everyone try out the limbo. It was fun, even more fun to watch everyone go through. David and Nathan did not last very long, but Nathan wouldn't let go of his dad the whole loosing the limbo tournament was the consequence.

A great shot of dad doing the limbo. Jenn took all these pictures, and really captured the best moments!

Bear Lake. Dad fixed up old Bell Boy, and got a tube for the kids to ride. Some very lucky people even got to go knee boarding. I love having children, but the drawbacks of being pregnant this year would include, not being able to ski. Dad promised he'd have the boat going next year, so I might have to monopolize it, as recompense for missing out this year!

Nathan discovering the beauty of a shovel, endless amounts of sand, and parents not caring how dirty their cute little boy got.

Katie and Rachel building a sand castle.



David and Sarah
Thanks to Mom and Dad for setting this all up, can't wait for next year!