Sunday, December 18, 2011

10th Anniversary/ 5 years old

David and I had our 10th Anniversary this last week. We were able to go out to eat and do a little Christmas shopping because my mom came over for a visit. There's not much to say other than this is where we were ten years ago....
...and this is now. And I am so glad for these little people who have joined us, and for a wonderful husband who I love and who I want to go through the eternities with.
Five years after we got the day...we had our little Sarah Anne. She had a very happy 5th birthday.
She loves Strawberry shortcake, so she ask for a Strawberry Shortcake castle for her birthday...well, that's it, and she loved it, so I was happy.
Happy Birthday Sarah! You are the sweetest five year old in the world, a ball of energy, and a ton of fun!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Odds and Ends

December is the beginning of a lot of fun. But, I missed most of November, so here is some catch ups. First of all, David put up our lights for Christmas...I almost killed myself putting up lights on the pine tree, but it all turned out so beautiful!
We dug up all the carrots in the garden. They were huge! David and I were so proud of them.
David's birthday was in November. We had a little party for him and bought him lots of white shirts...because I had a yellow crayon in the white laundry basket and ruined all his other ones.
Nathan makes a Christmas dress look so manly with a sword and heroic pose.
We have some twins that come over and play sometimes. We love having Brynlee and Maycee over!