Sunday, August 9, 2009


Last year, my family decided to have our own Triathalon. We trained for it this last year and ran/bike/swimmed it on August 1st. Mel's picture is in the background because she would have run it but her baby came first....and she was in the hospital. So, this is how it went....We started with the run. Carla came in first, then Joseph, and I came in third. I made just less than a ten minute mile...which is really good for me.Next was the bike. I was ahead the whole I finished first, but the times say that Cynthia beat me by a minute and a half. She is amazing on the bike.
Okay, this is my swimsuit shot....that I am posting publicly...brave me. I was less than 12 minutes on my 500 yards. This was the hardest event for me, but we went in two heats, so I had Dad, Joseph, and David cheering me on...and that felt awsome. I was proud of my Dad, he came in first in this event. He did 500 yards in 8 min. 3 seconds...fantastic.

My whole family finished each be impressed with the awsomeness of my family! All in all, Joseph won the first annual TriZathalon. But he won me by 10 BLASTED SECONDS! OH! I'll get you next year, my dear brother...I'LL GET YOU!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mel and Maylee

I have a new sweet little niece! My sister Melanie and her husband Dave had a new little baby on July 30th. Her name is Maylee Jean. She has a lot of hair...which is always amazing to me because most of mine are without hair for...years...some of them. We are so excited to have her in the family!