Monday, July 28, 2008

What we do...

Katie, Rachel, and Me Reading Books
Katie as Druzilla
Rachel as Anastasia

Many people ask me what I do at home with all my girls. I love being home with them, and although we fix dinners, clean the house...bla bla bla...we also have a lot of fun. We read a lot of books, swim, play at parks, and sometimes get creative. Today, we played dress up. Rachel's hair was really cute at first, and it looked okay when I got the camera out. They wanted to be Anastasia and Druzilla. So, I got out the Cinderella books and tried to duplicate their looks. These are just some pictures of our dress up day, and other pictures of our fun together at home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Garden

We have had so much fun doing a garden the last 5 years. I think we get better at it each time. This year, we let the girls do a lot of the planting. It looks like the carrots were planted too deep, and the watermelon was a little too handled. But, the rest came up pretty good. David's pride and joy has been the raspberries in the back. Rachel has been the picker, and Sarah has been the raspberry tyrant. She takes the berries, whatever color, and smashes them in her hand. She's so darn cute, so we let her. Rachel and Katie think the whole garden thing is fun, but they miss the carrots this year, we'll have to be more careful next time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sarah - 18 months

I thought I would write some quick things of my little 18 monther. Sarah is so fun. Her first word was DADDY, of course. But now she also says, Mommy, Katie, Rachel, Thank you, Please, Yes, No, Drink, Tad (baby Tad the frog), and Love you. She just started Nursery, thank heavens, but is having a hard time. You'd think with Rachel and Katie loving her all the time, she'd like some space where she could take over an area. It'll grow on her, I'm sure. I wish I could get all of Sarah's looks on film, because she's got quite the personality. Strong willed and knows that she can do anything here older sisters can...which usually gets her into trouble. I love her!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Balloons for Heaven

Funny story. We got a lot of helium balloons from the Carnival, and Rachel and Katie played with them all that day. I saw Rachel walk outside with a couple of them, and Katie followed. Then Katie comes running back in, and looks so excited and happy and says, "Mom, Rachel just gave a balloon to Heavenly Father and Jesus!". Then she ran back outside, and a couple minutes later she comes back crying. "Mom, Heavenly Father and Jesus need to give the balloons back!" I don't think we'll be giving any more balloons to the Heavens for a while.