Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 to 1 - The little guy is outnumbered...

It's a boy! We are really excited. David and I got into the ultrasound room and there is no mistaking that we have a little boy coming. When we told the girls, Rachel and Katie were like, "Okay, we knew that." We have no idea on a name, we have always had trouble picking out boy names, and have been grateful when we didn't need to worry about it...and now we're grateful to worry about it.
Well, we don't have much to say other than, we feel blessed with every child that comes our way!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boy or Girl?

We are going to get an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon, and we will find out if our baby is a boy or a girl. We are really excited, and I thought I would let others know of our premonitions.

Rachel is sure the baby is a boy. She wants a brother. She wants to name him Christopher Robin, Peter Pan, or Derek (from the Little Mermaid).

Katie is going along with Rachel that we will have baby boy. I don't think Katie really cares what we have though. She is just really excited that we are having a baby, and that my tummy gets bigger...she keeps saying her tummy is growing too, and that she'll get a baby too. Ahhhhh.

Sarah said its a girl. But I have a feeling she'll ignore the baby, whatever the gender...she knows she rules the house right now...and nothing will change that.

David is so happy we're having a baby that he doesn't care what we have...right answer. Honestly, David would be happy with 20 little girls running around here.

And me, well the odds say its a girl. This pregnancy has been different, so it could be boy. But I've also decided that every pregnancy is going to be different...I keep getting older, and I'm always surprised how sick and uncomfortable I can get...but I don't care. Boy or Girl, we are way excited.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Katie makes our lives interesting, here are a few of my experiences lately.

In this picture, you see her wearing a cabbage patch doll's clothes. So, she got on the pants, and comes running over to me and says, "Mom, my bottom is too big!"
Well, the paranoid side of me takes over and says, "Katie, your bottom is perfect, its the pants that are too little."
She started laughing and let me take a picture.

Another story. We were done with dinner. We had a swarm of flies in the house, and Sarah screams every time she sees one, so Grandpa was swatting flies at the table. Now Katie was finished with her meal, and Grandpa got a fly and needed to get to another one quick, so he dumped the fly on her plate. Katie looks at the fly, looks at Grandpa, and very politely says, "No thank you Grandpa." What does she think we try to feed her?

Katie's favorite thing to say to us lately, "You are all very curious."

We love her!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trips to the Dentist

Rachel and Katie went to the dentist yesterday. Now, we have always had a rough time at the dentist. Even with the show on the ceiling, the most awesome fish tank to look at, and prizes at the end. Not to mention a new toothbrush, what a life these kids have. But we've had to man handle Rachel, force her mouth open, and dread another appointment in six months.

Okay, so yesterday, David and I prepped them. Prayed with them....a lot....that they could be brave and know that the dentist is helping them. I knew they needed x-rays this time, and that thing they put in their mouth is the worst part. Anyway...I was also worried because Rachel has been complaining about her teeth hurting, which would mean more dentist appointment and more time being uncomfortable.

Well, we got there, and they were perfect. Rachel got her x-rays, then Katie. They turned on "Cars" on the ceiling and were perfect except for some shaking while they cleaned and brushed their teeth. Then I ask about the pain in Rachel's mouth, and the dentist grinned and showed me two loose teeth in the front of Rachel's mouth. She also has her six-year old molars coming in. How am I supposed to know that six year olds get molars? Or thats when they lose their teeth? I thought it was at eight or am I supposed to know?

Anyway, I was so excited that they did so well, I ask them how they wanted to celebrate. They ask for a party to watch "Peter Pan" and David went and bought a lot of junk food. They didn't have any cavities, so junk food sounded perfect!